rtMedia 3.2 released with audio cover art and improved UI

Right from the day we released the premium rtMedia PRO early September, our developers have been engrossed in adding new weekly updates to it.

We had decided to take the route to greater quality with rtMedia PRO, but cannot ignore the open source rtMedia Core’s thousands of supporters who may be patiently waiting for updates. rtMedia 3.2 is our small expression of ‘Thank you’ to them!

Today’s major release brings to you two major enhancements: Audio cover art and a revamped frontend UI.

Audio cover art

Just like video thumbnails, cover art can be associated with audio uploads.

By and large, audio files contain cover art in their meta. Users have to simply upload their audio using rtMedia 3.2, and cover art will be included as well.


Improved frontend UI

These are the changes included in the frontend:

  1. Users can now drag and drop media directly into the Activity Update textbox in BuddyPress.  rtmedia-activity-drag-media
  2. A modal dialog has been added for the Create and Merge album actions.
  3. We’ve often handled questions about why the “uploader is stuck at 0%”. This shouldn’t be a problem now, since a prompt asks users to include some text for the activity update before trying to upload media.
  4. Media items can be removed from an upload queue until the Post Update button is clicked.
  5. Comments on individual media pages can be deleted by users.
  6. Font awesome has been used for icons.

Additional developments

We also added some minor bug fixes with this release. Furthermore, rtMedia has benefited from key community contributions in the recent past.

New contributors

The list of contributors to rtMedia core has expanded by three. Now, we have Christian Wach, Jonas Nick and Jarret Cade on board!

Improved translations

Our crowdsourced translations have seen two key improvements:

  1. The Italian version is 96% complete.
  2. The Japanese version is 90% complete.

Since all translations are user contributed, you too can join in. Check out this post to know how to add a translation.

Links: Download rtMedia | Contribute your translations | Subscribe to rtMedia updates