rtDating – New Premium Theme specially made for rtMedia

rtDating is our latest offering in premium WordPress themes. As the name suggest, the theme was built for people trying to create a social network for dating or finding a partner. This theme is mainly developed for rtMedia and BuddyPress and works best with both, but you can use it with any WordPress site.



  • Homepage can be easily set up along with a showing activity and updates tailored to the end-user. The homepage can display slider, welcome content, success stories, top members, user groups, testimonials and more.
  • The theme is responsive out of the box and works great with all the latest phone and tablet devices.
  • Development of rtDating was done on HTML5, CSS3, Foundation 5, Grunt and Bower. Along with a number of hooks and filters, developers will find it easy to work with the theme.
  • rtDating has support for 17 plugins and its WordPress 4.0+ ready. You can see entire list of supported plugins here.


  • Admins can set layout, theme colour, logo, favicons.
  • The are many Header Settings available to customize displaying of admin bar and components like notifications, search, a user’s friends and more.
  • Admins can also set body font family, font colour and font size along with other customization.
  • Usually such a site would require a blog. Admins can easily set a blog where the theme shows options for post summary, post thumbnails settings, post meta settings, pagination and more.
  • Additionally the theme can add Footer settings to enable Footer sidebar, navigation and information. Admins can also add custom codes for Google Analytics, custom CSS, custom JavaScript codes.

Check out rtDating Theme Settings Documentation


Before you think about purchasing this theme, you might want to check out the live demo of rtDating Theme. You can sign up and even take a peek under the hood.

If you have questions about the demo or any features feel free to ask us in our pre-sales forum.

Pricing and Availability

You can purchase rtDating theme at our store. The pricing for single and multiple licenses are as follows:

  • Single Site – $99.00
  • Upto 5 sites – $199.00
  • Upto 20 sites – $399.00
  • Upto 50 sites – $799.00
  • Upto 100 sites -$1599.00

All prices are in US Dollars.

We also offer a 30 day refund policy incase things do not work out for you.

Links: Buy rtDating Theme | rtDating Documentation | rtDating Demo