Media Activity Streaming added to Buddypress Media Component

Important: There is a major update. Please check the updated BuddyPress-Media here.

First of all, Thank you for testing our Open Source Buddypress Media Component. As we have got too many feature requests, we have implemented and released Media Activity Streaming.

Download latest code here.

Using This Activity streaming feature,  Community members can post their views, comment on individual media.

By default they can be also viewed in Main Activity Steaming. You can make any comment as Favorite and reply them!

Now next what?
Yes we are going to add Privacy to the component! A much needed feature for a social network.

We are open for more suggestions and ideas to make buddypress community better. If you think of any feature which should be a part of this component, do let us know via contact form.

Please support the development of this component by donating us via donate button on Homepage.