Now, lightboxes in rtMedia come with profile pictures

We all love Facebook. For many, it’s the gold standard for social media experience.

Richard Ellis had this in mind when he used rtMedia and needed profile pictures next to media elements, along with essential buttons of Edit, Like, Set Featured and Delete.

Name is associated with media elements

Today, this feature is part of rtMedia, thanks to his sponsorship!

This is not the first time a user has come forward to help enhance our flagship media plugin. Earlier this year, Henry Wright’s sponsorship made us include featured media support in BuddyPress-Media 2.12 (that’s the old name of rtMedia). This allows media to be used on the same lines as Facebook’s cover photos, or to display a featured photo/video instead of a new update.

If you are looking for new functionality in rtMedia and would love to become a sponsor, you are welcome to read our sponsorship FAQ.

Link: Sponsoring new features in rtMedia