Introducing Transcoder – our new encoding service

Transcoder banner

We are pleased to announce our new transcoding service and accompanying Transcoder plugin for WordPress. This service automatically converts all audio/video to a web friendly format.

We hope that Transcoder will take away the hassle of enabling media on your WordPress website by eliminating the need for an additional media server. If your website requires transcoding services, just download the Transcoder plugin, subscribe to a plan and go!

Transcoder is for everyone

The Transcoder plugin is completely free. Our transcoding service is provided through this plugin, via a free or premium plan. We encourage you to explore our services with a free subscription plan.

This service is fully functional on any WordPress website. We will also be providing a RESTful API along with full documentation. This is in line with our efforts to reduce the number of dependencies for many rtMedia features and work directly with WordPress.

Transcoder works perfectly with rtMedia

Transcoder will replace rtMedia’s built-in encoding service from rtMedia version 4.1 onward. We believe this will reduce dependencies, which allows us to roll out more features and upgrades sooner.
rtMedia will appear otherwise unchanged in terms of features & functionality.

Existing Premium Encoding subscribers will be contacted by our team, as some technical issues prevented a direct migration. If you haven’t been contacted, comment here or get in touch with us directly.

Transcoder has some great features

Along with providing access to our transcoding service, the plugin will also include some much-asked-for features like thumbnail generation and shortcode support (to use on any page or post).
Also coming soon features:

  • Custom player
  • webm/ogg output formats for video
  • Transcoder usage reports via email
  • Dashboard widget for statistics

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