Discontinuing public community forum support

We have decided to discontinue our public community forums for rtMedia and Premium themes.


We want the customers to have a single point of contact. Therefore, now all the users whether they are using a free product or have a subscription to our paid plugin(s)/theme(s) will be given access to a common support contact form.
You all now contact us from here.

There are some guidelines for the free users and paying customers.

Instructions for the free users:

  1. Before raising an issue to us we request you to try reproducing the issue by activating any of the default themes of WordPress and deactivating all the other plugins except for BuddyPress.
  2. In case any third party theme or plugin has caused the issue, we would not be able to extend our support for the same.
  3. We may ask for your wp-admin login credentials to check the issue. In case we ask you for the credentials we request you to perform the point 1 before sharing the details. i.e. about the activation & deactivation and then handover the credentials to us.
  4. You may face a delay in reply to your queries over other high priority tickets of paid users.
  5. We may miss replying over the query in a very rough and busy schedule.

Instructions for the paid users:

  1. Please add license key of the product you have purchased and have a query about so that we can put you on high priority over others.
  2. Please select a proper product from the drop-down list given in the contact form.
  3. There is no major change in support flow for you guys. It will be the same as it is right now.


This community forum will not be active for creating new topic from 19th July, 2018. We kindly request all the users to put up their queries and get support from here.

If you have any doubts please let us know in the comments below.