Bug fix for rtMedia Likes add-on

We had released rtMedia Likes add-on V1.3.4 three months back and recently we found that there was an issue regarding the plugin folder name.

The Issue

Generally, when a plugin folder is created under ../plugins/ directory, on the user’s server, the name of this folder is expected to be rtmedia-likes. But, due to an error, there was some random name string that was being displayed for the plugin’s folder name. We identified that this error is due to an incorrect zip file.

The Solution

To fix this issue, we have released a new version of the add-on i.e. V1.3.5

We have notified our customers, via e-mail, regarding this update release. However, if we have missed anyone, here are the steps on how to install the latest update for the rtmedia-likes add-on:

  1. Download latest version of the plugin from My Account page – https://rtmedia.io/my-account/
  2. Go to your site’s dashboard (wp-admin) -> plugins page.
  3. Deactivate and Delete “rtMedia Likes” plugin from the list.
  4. Installed the latest version of “rtMedia Likes” which you just downloaded from your My Account page.
  5. Activate the plugin and you will see the updated Version 1.3.5

If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us via our support page https://rtmedia.io/support/

We apologise for the inconvenience faced.

Thank you for using our product.