BuddyPress-Media Photo Tagging Addon Released

Today we released the latest addon in the BuddyPress Media family, the Photo Tagging addon. This is one of the most demanded addon for BuddyPress Media

Tag self, tag friends

Users can now tag themselves and their friends. Tagging is enabled on the users’ own photos or photos uploaded by their friends.


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Tagging Notifications

The moment a user gets tagged, they receive a standard BuddyPress notification in the admin bar.


In addition an email is sent to the tagged user, if they haven’t turned it off in the settings.

Email Notification


Upcoming Features

In the next few releases, we’ll add tagging support for groups and a moderation feature by which a user can okay a tag before it is published. If you have any more suggestions or feature requests, let us know in our support forum.

The tagging addon is another step in creating a rich social experience for the members of your BuddyPress Media powered community. Now, apart from an advanced image editor, your users can tag each other and apply interesting Instagram like effects to photos. Uploading and sharing photos has become much more fun!

Pricing and Availability

The BuddyPress-Media Photo Tagging addon is available on the rtCamp store at a nominal price of $19.

Head there to get your copy!

LinksBuy BuddyPress-Media Photo Tagging | Live Demo

One response to “BuddyPress-Media Photo Tagging Addon Released”

  1. I am just amazed at the exponential growth of BuddyPress Media in terms of features and fan following. Keep up the good work team. I tried testing it on the demo site you guys have made, and it was fabulous. 🙂