BuddyPress v2.9 “La Lombarda” is here

BuddyPress 2.9 “La Lombarda” is now available for download. Some of the major changes in this release are the ability to change BP Group slugs, Accessibility improvements for Extended Profiles and better email handling.

The highlight feature is ability to edit Group slugs with an interface that is just like the Post/Page one:

Accessibility improvements come to the form elements in the BuddyPress extended profile and general settings areas. The discussion on trac to decide on the layout of the is especially interesting. Check out both the threads-

  • Accessibility: Group related form elements within fieldsets in Profile > Edit screen: Ticket 7348
  • General settings form field markup: Ticket 7546

The BuddyPress Activity feed now properly supports <ul>, <ol> & <li> tags. In older versions, these tags caused the Activity styling to break.

Finally, we have a new template selection UI in the BuddyPress Settings. Separate from the default WordPress Theme selection, this UI is intended to give users an easy way to change between available templates for BuddyPress-specific pages.

BuddyPress 2.9 Template UI

These are just a few of the 50+ tickets closed. For a list of all the changes, please refer to the official release changelog.

Three rtCampers- Bhargav, Milind and Vishal– are on the contributors list this release. They join 45 others who made this release possible. We celebrated the release in our office today:

Compatibility with rtMedia

rtMedia version 4.4 and all our premium addons are fully compatible with BuddyPress v2.9. Feel free to use our support channels if you encounter any problems when updating your website.

Keep an eye on this blog and our social media channels for more updates and news!

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