BuddyPress v2.7.0 released


BuddyPress v2.7.0 , named “Migliaccio” was released yesterday. This is a major release of the popular social network plugin for WordPress.

Note that this version of BuddyPress requires WordPress version 4.2+ to work.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Accessibility improvements: Universal access in both back- & front-end screens and on more screen sizes. It is now easier to filter your members and groups by type from the WordPress dashboard itself.
  • Performance improvements: Minor tweaks and optimizations to the codebase ensure that BuddyPress is leaner than before.
  • Date and time inprovements: v2.7 brings localized timestamps and improved profile date fields to improve how data will be collected and displayed on your website.
  • Email subscription management: Directly facilitate the removal of any or all subscriptions via email tokens and unsubscribe links.

These are just a few of the many, many features, tweaks and improvements that this version brings. For a list of all the changes, please refer to the official release changelog.

Compatibility with rtMedia

rtMedia version 4.1.8 and all our premium addons are fully compatible with BuddyPress v2.7. We are currently working on an rtMedia Core release that will take advantage of some of the features.

Feel free to use our support channels if you encounter any problems when updating your website.

Important links: v2.7 release blog post | rtMedia store