BuddyPress Media with Kaltura Support Released

As promised, we are releasing the much awaited BuddyPress Media Kaltura. This addon supports Kaltura.com and self-hosted Kaltura-CE setup.

As this is an add-on for open-source BuddyPress Media plugin, BuddyPress community members will be able to upload photos & videos using their mobile devices (including iPhone/iPad running iOS6).

You can use this addon, if you want to start a facebook or youtube like community where uses can upload videos in popular video-formats like AVI, MPEG.

We will be preparing a live demo shortly.

How it works!

Following will help you visualize everything together.

BuddyPress Media Kaltura

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us in comments below or you can use our free support forum.

Links: BuddyPress-Media Kaltura Addon | Demo