BuddyPress Media v2.9 with Image Editing and Custom Media Sizes

We have released BuddyPress Media 2.9 today that added a whole set of enhancements.

Crop, Rotate images with the Image Editor

With this release, we pulled out the image editor from the WordPress Dashboard into BuddyPress Media. So now users can crop, flip, rotate and scale images, as and when required.


Custom Sizes for Media Display

BuddyPress Media 2.9 onwards, you can specify the different media sizes for your website. So, now they’ll be completely compatible with various themes.


More Efficient Image Processing

We have also gone a step further and filtered the image creation process which by default creates all the registered image sizes. Now, BuddyPress Media only creates the sizes required for BuddyPress, skipping over other sizes. This reduces the time to upload and process images and reduces unnecessary/unwated images on your server.

Other changes

The lightbox has been extended to the BuddyPress Media Widget to integrate the overall experience. Some bugs in both the javascript and php have been fixed and much of the code has been revised.

Those who are wondering where the shortcode functionality is, would have to wait just a little longer. The functionality is almost ready. However, it faced a few glitches that we hope to sort out in the next version. This time the next version will be available before weekend!

Link: BuddyPress Media

5 responses to “BuddyPress Media v2.9 with Image Editing and Custom Media Sizes”

  1. Excited to mess with the new version. Currently testing my BP 1.7 on sandbox and doing compat testing with bp plugins (yours included) in the next couple of days before putting into production. I’ll let you know if I run into anything that needs your attention. Great job team!