BuddyPress Media 2.6 with Privacy Features Released

We release the newest version of BuddyPress Media, 2.6 today. This release involves a lot of code rewriting to make way for the feature, most demanded by users, Media Privacy.

Keep private moments private

BuddyPress Media 2.6 with Privacy

Now, users can upload media and keep it to themselves or share it with other users at different levels of access. Confirming to BuddyPress user relations, BuddyPress Media has four levels of privacy:

  1. Private, Visible only to the user
  2. Friends, Visible to the user’s friends
  3. Users, Visible to all registered users
  4. Public, Visible to general visitors, as well

So, now your users can upload and share amazing moments without worrying about who’ll this be visible to. More uploads, more sharing, more activity. Your social network, just scaled a level!

Set default privacy level for your social network

Admin Default Privacy Settings for BuddyPress Media


Site admins can decide what the default privacy levels for media uploaded by users can be. They can also allow the users to set their own default privacy levels.

Default User Privacy Settings for BuddyPress Media


Each image, video or audio can have separate privacy levels.

Media Privacy Settings fr BuddyPress Media

 Other changes

  • Media Counts and recounts fixed
  • Featured button renamed to ‘Set as Album Cover’ to reflect the true functionality
  • The download functionality has been fixed
  • Major code rewrite

Supporting multiple audio/video formats

Our premium addons for BuddyPress Media, have also been updated. Existing users of BuddyPress-Media FFMPEG addon and BuddyPress-Media Kaltura addon can automatically update them from their dashboards.

If you haven’t installed BuddyPress-Media FFMPEG addon or BuddyPress-Media Kaltura addon, you can purchase it from our store, today.

Coming Soon

Our developers are working on the next most demanded feature: the ability to import media from outdated and unsupported media managers for BuddyPress. Work on activity form media uploader is also on full swing and these will be released soon.

4 responses to “BuddyPress Media 2.6 with Privacy Features Released”

  1. the privacy settings are under personal photos but not for group photos and albums? How can you change the group photo privacy settings?