BuddyPress Media 2.10 with Album Management & Shortcodes

The latest BuddyPress Media, 2.10 is on of the most feature rich release this year. This release adds the most demanded and awaited feature till date — shortcodes to display site-wide media. Here’s a lowdown of what’s new in 2.10.

Shortcodes to display all users’ media

Now, you can use the [bpmedia] shortcode on a page and public media of all the users on the site would show up.

[bpmedia type="all" count="10" loadmore="true"]

Checkout the documentation for the shortcode for more details.

The shortcode would only display public media of users. If the visitor is logged in, he’d only see media available to logged in users. Private and friends’ only media would be left alone by the shortcode.

Live example on the BuddyPress Media demo.

Album Management



With 2.10 your users can move multiple media from album to another. They can also merge an album into another. Album management gets much better and will continue doing so.

Full compatibility with BuddyPress 1.7

BuddyPress Media 2.10 is now fully compatible with BuddyPress 1.7. In fact, it works better with a standard WordPress theme. If you have woes related to display and theme breakages, we strongly recommend dropping your BuddyPress theme for a WordPress one.

Link: BuddyPress Media