BuddyPress Media 2.0: Video Upload Issues

Update: We just released a new minor version with 2.0.1 which fixes this issue. Download.

Hello Friends.

BuddyPress Media Component was released two days back and response is overwhelming. About 400 downloads happened in 2 days. Few users have reported that the videos are not working and its giving an error. Hence we thought of writing this shortpost to let you know about the reason and upcoming fix.

How Plugin Video Uploader Works:

We have integrated MP4info library, its a simple php class to read MP4 meta data from MP4 based files. It only supports H.264Codec. When users upload the video, MP4info library reads the codec; if its in correct format or not. While uploading the videos, users are required to make sure that videos are in above stated format i.e MP4 (H.264 Codec) only.

There are certain free tools available to check your video format. (refer: HandBrake, Sharkcodeck for Windows Or you can go for video converters like Evomfor Mac OS etc.)

Issue reported:

Users reported that few videos are not functioning in-spite of MP4 (H.264 codec) format. After digging deeper into the issue, we found that the php MP4info library, which we have used before is not reading the MP4 files in QuickTime Player. which in turn is creating the problem for plugin.

Solution Found:

We have found a solution for above problem, we will now be using the getID3() library which reads the MP4 files (H.264 codec) correctly. It will solve the problem of video upload. A plugin update will be done very soon to fix this issue. We also have upcoming plans of creating our own encoders to make the experience even better for users. If you are still facing any technical difficulties with plugin, connect with us on our support forum.