Up to 20% Discount on purchase of 5 Products!

Thanks to all the community members, the discount campaign of September 2015 was a huge success. To show our thanks to the community, we are back with even better discounts.

All customers can now avail a 10% discount when buying 3 or 4 products, and a 20% discount on purchase of 5 or more products.

A lot of our products are related to each other in terms of features and functionality, and most customers purchase multiple products en masse. The new discounts will significantly reduce the cost of adding functionality to your website.

How the discount works:

  • Buy 3 or 4 products for a flat 10% discount
  • Buy 5 or more products for a flat 20% discount

Note that the discount is applied only on products that are added to the cart.

If you have any other promo or coupon code, you can still apply it for additional discount.



We are happy to answer any pre-sale questions about our products. Get in touch with us.

Visit our store here. Happy shopping! ?