10x Upgrade for Free Encoding Service in BuddyPress-Media


Last month we launched, audio/video encoding service for BuddyPress-Media users.

Less than a month into the service, some of our free plan users contacted us requesting higher file size. They were like, we upload once in a while so 1GB total limit is fine but 20MB file-size limit is too restrictive.

So we thought lets increase file-size limit for free plan to 200MB. Then we realised, new limit will hit total 1GB monthly-limit very soon. So we finally increased both limits.

Now, you can upload audio/video upto 200MB and use 10GB encoding bandwidth for free every month.

We hope you will upload more. 🙂

Next month, we will be adding support for much-demanded Amazon S3 storage, CDN-integration, HD encoding and webcam recording. Subscribe here for updates.

Link: Audio/Video Encoding Service for BuddyPress-Media