Image Sizes

The Media Sizes tab enables site admins to control the presentation of media to the user.

Media sizes tab in rtMedia settings

Media Size Settings


Across an rtMedia-enabled website, image files are displayed in three pre-set sizes, viz., “Thumbnail”, “Medium” & “Large”.

  • Images under the Media tab are Thumbnail-sized
  • Images in the Activity stream are Medium-sized
  • Images in a single media page or lightbox display are Large-sized

The display size for each can be specified with the Width and Height values. These fields take the size in pixels.
Admins can also choose how the display image is generated. When the Crop setting is ON, rtMedia will create a nonce image of the specified size to display. If the Crop option is OFF, then rtMedia will display a resized version of the original image. Note that in either case, the original image is NOT changed.

Here value of 0 means there will be no change to the original size of media.


The ActivityPlayer specifies the display Width and Height when a video is played directly from the Activity feed. The video size for when a video is played in a lightbox (or, a separate page if lightboxes are not enabled) is specified by the SinglePlayer setting. Both these settings accept Width and Height values in pixels.


Audio files can be played in both the Activity feed and Single view. The width of the audio player to be shown in these views can be specified with the ActivityPlayer and SinglePlayer setting, respectively.

ActivityPlayer VS SinglePlayer

The ActivityPlayer specifies the size of audio/video player displayed under BuddyPress activity stream for the media uploaded by rtMedia.

The SinglePlayer specifies the size of audio/video player which displays on individual media page ( in a new page or in a lightbox ) for the media uploaded by rtMedia.


Admins can set a custom height & width (in pixels), and enable cropping for featured media files. The Crop feature works in a way similar to that of Photos.
Note that this setting will only take effect in themes that support “Featured media” functionality.

Image quality

When uploading media, rtMedia can be configured to compress JPG/JPEG images. This is useful when server storage is at a premium or to reduce load on media-heavy pages. A lower number will compress an image to a greater extent, reducing size but decreasing quality permanently. A higher number will maintain quality but result in a larger image.
A value of “1” will result in a greatly compressed image, and a value of “100” will result in a completely untouched image.