The Display tab allows the admin to fine-tune how media is presented & displayed on the website.



Single media view

The Allow user to comment on uploaded media setting enables or disables user comments on all media posts. Note that this setting only applies to Comment fields within a lightbox; users can still comment on media in the BuddyPress Activity feed.

Media likes

Enable likes for media will add like feature for media.

List Media View

Use lightbox to display media toggles the lightbox effect on all media.
The Number of media per page value denotes how many media item thumbnails are loaded on a page at once. This value acts as a pre-set for the  Media display pagination option. If the Load more option is chosen, only the pre-set number of media items are loaded initially, with the same number being added additionally every time the “Load More” box is clicked. If the Pagination option is chosen, the pre-set number of media items are loaded initially, which are replaced with new items every time the page number is changed.

Masonry View

The Enable Masonry Cascading grid layout  enables the Masonry JavaScript library. This causes media elements to be placed optimally, based on the sizes of their thumbnails & the available vertical space.

Direct Upload

The Enable Direct Upload setting toggles media upload behaviour. When enabled, media files will start uploading immediately when selected; if disabled, they will not upload until the “Start Upload” button is clicked.