The BuddyPress tab will be displayed only if the BuddyPress plugin is installed on the website.

These settings help to fine tune the integration of rtMedia with BuddyPress.

Integration with BuddyPress features

rtMedia enables users to upload media from the Activity stream, media gallery or from any shortcode-enabled post. When enabled, the Enable media in profile setting generates a “Media” tab in every user’s Profile. Similarly, the Enable media in group creates a “Media” tab on every BuddyPress group. This serves two purposes: firstly, all uploaded media is aggregated into a single location and secondly, users can conveniently upload media to a group directly from this tab.
The Allow upload from activity stream can be used to disable media upload directly into the Activity steam. When used with the Number of media items to show in activity stream, admins can control clutter in the Activity stream. Note that the Number of media items to show in activity stream option only controls how many media items are displayed per post, and not the number that can be uploaded by the user. To display unlimited/all media in every post, use value “0”.
When a user “likes” or comments on a media item, a notification can be sent to the owner of the media with Enable media notification. User “likes” and comments can also create activities on the BuddyPress Activity feed. To fine tune this behaviour, use the Create activity for media likes and Create activity for media comments settings.

Comment Media

This will allow users to upload media in comment section for originally uploaded media up to 1 level.

Album Settings

Enabling the Organize media into albums setting will add an “Albums” sub-tab to the “Media” tab in a user’s profile. Users can use Albums to categorize their media.

The Show album description will toggle the display of the album’s description in the front end of your website: