Inner page support in rtDating

Following are the list of inner pages which user can use.


  • 404 page
  • Blog page
  • Single post with comments
  • Single page
  • Archives page
  • Search page


  • Create a Group page (Details, Settings, Forum, Avatar, Invites)
  • Activity page
  • Group forum page
  • Group single topic page
  • Group activity page
  • Group members page
  • Send invites page
  • Group settings page
  • Group details edit page
  • Groups listing page
  • Member’s activity page
  • Member’s profile page
  • Member’s inbox messages page
  • Member’s sent messages page
  • Member’s compose message page
  • Member’s notices page
  • Member’s friends page
  • Member’s friendship requests page
  • Member’s groups page
  • Member’s groups invitations page
  • Member’s Topics Started page
  • Member’s Replies Created page
  • Member’s Favorites page
  • Member’s Subscriptions page
  • Member’s General Settings page
  • Members listing page


  • Forum page with bbPress forums and recent topics
  • Forum page with bbPress sub forums and recent topics


  • Registration Page
  • Login Page
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Products
  • Product Categories
  • Password recovery page
  • Account activation page

If you have any doubt, feel free to ask us on our Support Forums.