Customize child theme’s style.css

Why Compact CSS?

In rtDating we are using Grunt, Sass & Compass to make development faster. We are using compact version of style.css which helps in enhancing the performance of  the website.

As you know its always a good practice to not edit the main theme’s files as your changes will be lost on next update. Hence we also provide a child theme for any customization work.

Add Custom Styles

If you have activated child theme in your website,  you have two options. Either use rtDating option, find it under Dashboard -> rtDating -> Settings -> Custom Codes and there you can write your custom css.

Note: You can write Sass codes in custom CSS box as well.


Or you can use child theme’s style.css which we have already provided with child theme’s zip file.

Expanded/Readable Style CSS

Since style.css given in rtDating is not human readable, we have provided expanded version of styles in the parent theme itself. Please find the file name style-expanded.css in rtDating theme folder.

Now with the help of expanded styles you can easily find the codes which you want to overwrite.