Troubleshooting the cover image known issue

Different settings are available to set an image as Cover Image as mentioned below.

  1. Inspirebook theme feature to set as Cover Image
  2. From rtMedia core – Which provides Set as Featured Image option
  3. From Buddypress – Which provides Change Cover Photo option in Profile only

Let’s consider how those settings will reflect in front end when either of the settings are simultaneously on/off. Check the all possible scenarios mentioned below.

Scenario 1 : When Buddypress and rtMedia setting are OFF for Cover Image

When Buddypress and rtMedia settings are off, user can still upload/change their cover photo as Inspirebook theme itself provide this native feature. To turn off the settings provided by plugins, open these links as mentioned here.

For Buddypress – Goto /wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-settings in Inspirebook Dashboard to turn off Buddypress Cover Image Uploads setting. Click on Save Settings button after changes are done.


For rtMedia – Goto /wp-admin/admin.php?page=rtmedia-settings#rtmedia-types in Inspirebook Dashboard to turn off rtMedia Set As Featured Image setting. Click on Save Settings after changes are done.


Now when you check in front end, it will allow you to change the Cover Image and that will be default functionality provided by Inspirebook theme itself.


Scenario 2 : When Buddypress setting is OFF and rtMedia setting is ON for Cover Image

In this scenario, buddypress setting is still OFF and rtMedia Set As Featured setting is on. User can set any image as cover image from media list. Open any image and click on Option button and select Set as Featured. Still user can change the cover photo from native feature of theme as well.


Scenario 3 : When Buddypress setting is ON and rtMedia setting is ON/OFF for Cover Image

When Buddypress setting is ON, it will override all other settings. The user won’t be able to change cove image from native theme feature nor the Featured image setting from rtMedia plugin will be reflected. It will only show the cover image uploaded by Change Cover Image option from Profile as shown in below screenshot.

change cover image

So these are all possible scenario to change the cover image from different settings.