Setup Sidebar Widgets

InspireBook supports all the default WordPress widgets present on Appearance > Widgets. In additional, it also supports custom widgets provided by other plugins.

Setting up sidebar Widgets

To add widgets to your website’s sidebar, go to Appearance > Widgets.

All available widgets are displayed under the Available Widgets section. Drag and drop the needed widget to the Sidebar Widgets area to display them on your website. Some widgets offer individual settings that can be customized after they are added to your sidebar.

widgets option

The widgets placed in the Sidebar Widgets area are displayed on all pages by default.

Sidebar widgets

Hiding the sidebar

To hide the sidebar, go to the General tab under InspireBook settings in the backend of your website. Under BuddyPress Sidebar choose “Disable Sidebar” from dropdown.

Disable sidebar in WordPress

From Inspirebook version 1.2.26 onward – If you want to disable the sidebar only from your “Home” page and keep it enabled for all other pages, go to Inspirebook Settings > Home Page > Hide Sidebar.