InspireBook Theme Layout

InspireBook is organized with the help of various building blocks, which are described below.

The header is the region at the top of all pages on the site, containing the logo and other important links like logged in user profile, settings, notification etc. It is usually the first thing that visitors notice.

Menus are links designed to help visitors navigate through the website. User can set there custom icons to menu. Please visit this article to Setup Icons for InspireBook Menu.


The website’s main content is an essential means for connecting with visitors. Content consists of text and media items like images, audio, video, activity, forums, groups etc.


Content on the website can be configured to allow discussion from visitors in the form of comments.


Plugins are tools designed to extend the core functions of the site. The site’s pluggable architecture permits easy addition and removal of these tools.

Sidebars are vertical columns that display information other than the main content of the site. Sidebars can be made to appear on several pages at once. Widgets are small drag-and-drop modules that help organize content on the sidebars.

The footer is the region at the bottom of all pages on the site. It is meant to display small pieces of information and link.