Customize child theme style.css

Why Compact CSS?

In Foodmania theme we are using Grunt, Sass & Compass to make development faster. We are using compact version of style.css so the performance of website increases. Hence we provided Compact version.

As you know its always a good practice to not edit any file, hence we have given child theme for any customization work.

Add Custom Styles

Go to Apperance > Customize > Advanced Settings > Custom CSS and paste your css. You should not edit style.css of your parent theme because this file will be overriden after the theme is updated.


Or you can use child theme’s style.css which we have already provided with child theme zip file.

Expanded/Readable Style CSS

Since style.css given in Foodmania is not readable, We have provided expanded version of styles in theme itself. Please find the file name style-expanded.css in Foodamania theme folder.

Now with the help of expanded styles you can easily find that codes which you want to overwrite. Just copy that codes and modify it in your child theme.