rtMedia API

Read Me: This documentation is for rtMedia 3.0. rtMedia is a successor of BuddyPress Media, and is currently under development. Parts of this document may not be implemented in the code, yet.rtMedia boasts of a very extensive API that allows fine grained control on rtMedia. It is highly flexible and can be used to customise rtMedia to a great extent

API Parts

The rtMedia API is roughly divided into three parts:

  1. Upload API, that allows interaction with the uploader, and the create functionality of media.
  2. Media API, that allows interaction with the media collections, and their display.


The API is accessible on RESTful API endpoints, as well and allows manipulation of Media objects in rtMedia. Both theUpload Endpoint (/upload/) and Media Endpoint (/media/) are documented separately.


To create meaningful interaction with the API, some concepts are required before exploring it any further:

  1. Database Description,
  2. the Media Object,
  3. the Upload Object,
  4. the Media Endpoint, and
  5. the Upload Endpoint