rtMedia Sidebar Widgets Hooks

rtMedia Sidebar add-on has widget to display media in sidebar.rtMedia Sidebar Widgets add-on has provided hooks:

Before Media

<?php do_action ("rtmedia_gallery_widget_before_media", $rt_media_gallery );?>

After Media

<?php do_action("rtmedia_gallery_widget_after_media",$rt_media_gallery);?>

Apply this hook in current theme’s function.php file.

example: To show title of each media in sidebar widget,

add_action("rtmedia_gallery_widget_before_media", "my_widget_rtmedia_title",10,1);

function my_widget_rtmedia_title($rt_media_gallery) {
echo $rt_media_gallery->media_title;

That’s it. Now you can see the title of uploaded media in sidebar widget.