Featured Media

rtmedia_featured($user_id)The older tag (bp_media_featured()) will continue to work till the next few versions. Kindly change all instances, ASAP.

Used to display any media that the user has set as featured. It could be a video, audio or a photo.

For this to work, the appropriate switch will need to be turned on in rtMedia > Settings >Types. Read more: rtMedia settings’ types tab.



(Optional, not required on user profile)

The id of the user for whom the featured media is to be fetched. For example, if an admin decides to set a media item as featured for everyone in the community, his own user id can be passed to this function.


In the default BuddyPress theme, find


Replace the following code:

    <?php if ( bp_is_active( 'activity' ) ) : ?>
        <div id="latest-update">
            <?php bp_activity_latest_update( bp_displayed_user_id() ); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>


    <div id="featured-media">
        <?php rtmedia_featured(); ?>

And instead of the latest update, the featured media would show up!