Allow Custom Media Types

By default, rtMedia supports mp4 file format for video and mp3 for audio. To allow other file formats, add the following code in your theme or plugin.

function rt_custom_allowed_types( $types ){
        if ( isset( $types[0] ) && isset( $types[0]['extensions'] ) ) {
            if ( is_rtmedia_upload_video_enabled() )
                $types[0]['extensions'] .= ',mov,mpg,flv,wmv,mkv,webm,ogv,mxf,asf,vob,mts,qt,mpeg,x-msvideo'; //Allow video types of file to be uploded
            if ( is_rtmedia_upload_music_enabled() )
                $types[0]['extensions'] .= ',wma,ogg,wav,m4a'; //Allow audio types of file to be uploded
        return $types;

    // filter plupload allowed file formats
    add_filter('rtmedia_plupload_files_filter', 'rt_custom_allowed_types', 10, 1);

    function rt_custom_allowed_types_admin_settings( $types ){
        $allowed_video_string = implode(",", $types['video']['extn']);
        $allowed_audio_string = implode(",", $types['music']['extn']);
        $allowed_video = explode(",",$allowed_video_string.',mov,mpg,flv,wmv,mkv,webm,ogv,mxf,asf,vob,mts,qt,mpeg,x-msvideo');
        $allowed_audio = explode(",",$allowed_audio_string.',wma,ogg,wav,m4a');
        $types['video']['extn'] = array_unique( $allowed_video );
        $types['music']['extn'] = array_unique( $allowed_audio );
        return $types;

    // filter to show allowed media types in admin settings
    add_filter('rtmedia_allowed_types', 'rt_custom_allowed_types_admin_settings', 10, 1);

rtMedia uses mediaelement.js to play video and audio which might not support the types you have allowed using the above filters. In this case, you will need a custom media player that you can use with rtMedia to play audio/video files.