rtMedia Photo Tagging

Using rtMedia Photo Tagging plugin any BuddyPress member can tag their friends in the uploaded media.
photo tag

Please note:
Friend Connections BuddyPress component should be activated on your site.  This setting is available in Settings > BuddyPress > Components.

How it works:

The addon will only allow you users to tag photos that you have uploaded or have been uploaded by your BuddyPress “Friends”. This is so that users cannot tag strangers’ photos on your website.

  1. Open any photo in lightbox or with URL. Click on Tag photo to begin tagging.selection_074
  2. A tagging box will appear. Start typing your BuddyPress Friend’s names and click on them when they appear in the drop-down. It is also possible to tag yourself in any of your or your friend’s photos.To save the tags, click on Finished Tagging .


  3. When someone is tagged, they will get a notification with a link to the photo and the time that it was tagged.
  4. Users will be able to see photo tags on mouse hover.


  • When tagging a photo, the auto suggested name of member does not appear in text box.
  • After clicking an auto suggested name, the member is not selected.

In both the above cases, there is a possibility that other WordPress plugins which you are using are creating some issues with HTML, CSS or JavaScript Markup.

Debugging suggestions

  • Deactivate all the plugins one by one (except BuddyPress, rtMedia and photo tagging), and check which plugin is causing the issue.
  • Also, activate the default WordPress theme and check whether photo tagging is working or not.

If you are still facing problems with this addon, feel free to contact us or use our support forum.