rtMedia 5 Star Ratings

This allows Users to Rate media uploaded through rtMedia plugin. And also shows average rating by all users.


The site admin first needs to enable the Enable 5 star rating for media option from Display tab under rtMedia admin settings.


The site admin can also set Enable 5 star rating for albums option to allow users to rate Albums.


How it works

Site users can leave their feedback on media or other files in the form of star ratings:

  1. Click on a media item or other file.
  2. On the individual page or lightbox that opens, click at least one of five stars against the media item to rate it. You can change your rating by clicking on any of the stars again.


Average ratings by other users are also displayed.

Users can rate albums by clicking rating buttons under the album name.


A new admin option – Enable likes for media – will be added along with rating admin setting, as shown.


Group members can like images, audio and video. In order to like Media, access it via the Media Tab in your group. However, you cannot see which user liked which media.

As media Like is part of rtMedia free version, admin may wish to keep ON either Like or rating. However, it is not compulsory to do so.