Enable Playlist feature

To use this feature, the site admin first needs to enable the playlists feature from rtMedia admin settings. playlists-setting

Enable Display Music in playlist style

This will display all music in playlist style under the member’s media page. music-in-playlist-style-settings


How it works

In the member’s media page, you will find a Playlists tab.

playlists-image2-605x353 - C

Adding Audio to a Playlist

  1. Click the audio and notice an Add to Playlist option, as highlighted in the screenshot of an audio’s individual page. add-to-playlist-option
  2. On clicking Add to Playlist, you will be prompted to either choose from an existing playlist, or create a new playlist.


If you want to create a playlist, enter the title of the playlist and choose the privacy setting. Click Add. image

Downloading a Playlist

If you wish to download playlist to use in your favorite media player, we suggest you to try our rtmedia-downloads addon for the same.

visit that playlist’s page and click Download. A file will be downloaded in the .m3u format.