rtMedia bbPress Attachment

You can attach files to bbPress topics and replies.


To enable bbPress Attachments, go to rtMedia > Settings > bbPress and switch on the Enable attachments in topic/reply button.

To allow bbPress Attachments for non-logged in users, switch on the Enable for non-logged in users also button. Please note, if you have checked Allow guest users without accounts to create topics and replies user forum setting.

You can also select display option for uploaded media in bbPress comment.



Select a file from computer and it will display thumbnails of media. We can edit media title by clicking on pencil icon.


Click on Submit button, the attached files will be published.


Please note:

The media attached to the bbPress forums topics/replies will be part of that forum / topic only. These media won’t be displayed in the users profile media section.

Users profile Media tab will include the media uploaded by that user into his/her personal profile [ from BuddyPress activity / media tab ].