rtMedia Activity URL Preview

This addon provides a preview of the URL that is shared and shows up on BuddyPress activity. Just enter the URL you want to share on your site and see a preview of it before it is shared. The Open Graph protocol enabled web page is advisable.

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Live demo

  • Download rtMedia Activity URL Preview plugin from My Account Section.
  • Go to WordPress site dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload.
  • Select the rtmedia-activity-url-preview.zip file from your computer and click upload.
  • Click Install Now button and Activate the Plugin.
  • Now, you can see the preview of any website URL in BuddyPress activity page when paste URL in upload box

Read documentation here.

Version 2.2.1, March 5, 2019
  • Add support for Vimeo URL preview [ Doc ]
  • Conflict posting BuddyPress activity update with terms
  • URL preview when it is modified while posting
  • Issues when using direct upload and upload terms settings togather
  • URL preview content issue when upload terms is enabled
  • Behaviour of showing preview by supporting different URL mistackes by users
Version 2.2.0, July 18, 2018
New Features
  • Improved the URL preview by hiding shared link as text from the preview
  • Added support for SoundCloud URL preview [ Doc ]
  • Minor issues of error handling
Version 2.1.2, January 3, 2018
  • Improved update plugin script
Version 2.1.1, October 26, 2017
  • Added support for YouTube URL preview
  • Added message for the URLs which are not valid to show preview
  • Removed border from close button in preview
  • Added filter to change message for no preview available [ Doc ]
  • Removed prevention of posting similar URLs back to back
  • Console error of “Uncaught TypeError” while URLs are not valid to show preview
  • Broken preview on some WordPress Default themes
  • URL preview issue if we modify the URL before posting
  • Issue of displaying apostrophe in the preview from the page title
  • Preview issue when appending hyphen before url
  • Youtube videos preview issue after page refresh
  • Loader display issue when rtMedia default style is disabled
  • Issue of fetching preview thumbnails for some urls
Version 2.1 Apr 21, 2017
  • Added: Filter to prevent preview from particular domain [ Doc ]
  • Provided support for image:url property
  • Duplicate URL preview issue when appended text in newline
Version 2.0 Jun 30, 2016
  • Improved UI for activity URL preview
  • Twitter card support
  • Stopped refreshing the preview on key up event
Version 1.2.3 Jun 03, 2016
  • Improved URL preview
  • Added GPLv2 or Later License explicitly
  • Updated EDD License library
Version 1.2.2 Dec 11, 2015
  • Fix activity url preview and user mention in activity conflict
  • CSS updated
Version 1.2.1 Aug 18, 2015
  • Minified JS and CSS files
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.2 Jul 07, 2015
  • Open link in new tab in activity
  • Fix special character gets truncate issue
Version 1.1 Jun 08, 2015
  • Added language files
Version 1.0 Jun 02, 2015
  • Initial release
  • Option to enable settings
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